PDF to XML Conversion

Easy readability, fast loading time and global accessibility are three main attributes of web publishing. PDF though being a commonly used format also faces problem in web publishing arena. PDF files are bulky and if the device doesn't have the reader, the content cannot be accessed. To combat this issue conversion from PDF to XML is the most preferred solution that is incorporated by e-publishers.

With Maxim's technologically inclined XML solution, now the e-publishers can let a breath of relief. Our e-publishing content module is a symbiotic mix of smart approach and strategic procedure. It also provides maximum traffic as the content is easily accessed by people. Our automated and precise system ensures high quality XML content in specific targeted timeline. With us, our clients get professional consultation and round the clock assistance besides the conversion service. Maxim's apt professional take care of all the necessary requirements like formatting style, specific template, co-ordinations, graphics and links to enhance the quality of the project remarkably.

We help you convert as well as create new publishing content in XML format at a standard cost to enhance the organizational performance and the yearly turn over. We will also augment your publishing content by providing it with unique style and design thereby getting a lot of attention from potential consumer. With our competitive service and impeccable customer relationship, we ensure effective and productive quality end-product for your company.

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