XML and DTD Design Schema

Technology has made e-publishing houses prompt, standardized and very accurate. So managing a large size publishing document is no more a concern for any web publishing organisation. The advanced XML format by Maxims has empowered every publishing organisation by providing them well furnished facilities of storage, management, flexibility and scalability of the web published document.

At Maxims we provide the perfect platform to manage the publishing data in a unique sophisticated manner. The advantages of our expert service will help customers to store and manage the entire web publishing documents, which in a way will enrich the content for the audiences to read. Our customized service will ensure that the published content is in sync with the business objective. Maxim will make your web publishing site a versatile product for the target customers. Our services attuned with best match technology which will help our clients to meet the challenges of XML workflow. The integrated XML and DTD schema for web publishing content is an exemplary model of perfection and quality. This will facilitate in gaining maximum publishing offers. The strategic move associated with our solution proves beneficial as this schema is meticulous result of:

  • Analyzing your data
  • Developing/modifying DTD/Schema
  • Writing conversion specifications
  • Pre - Migration data clean-up
  • XML / XHTML encoding
  • Proofing
  • XML of transformation
Maxims will enhance your web publishing content in every possible manner showcasing exceptional quality in e-publishing sector.

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